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Welcome 2 Detroit
About the song:
Made in 2005 by Trick-Trick and Eminem, Welcome 2 Detroit is special to me, because I live about 45 minutes from Detroit (so it is a localized song).  It has had a lot of airplay, and is still being played on the radio.  Trick-Trick belongs to a small record company, Wonder Boy, which is why "Wonder Boy" is said a lot in the song.  Below are my attemps to super-edit this song.

Recent update: I now realise that the quality of edits 1-4 is really poor, sorry about that. I used a program called WinLAME, that was good at the time, but makes inferior quality results.  In the meantime, listen to the Final Edit, as it's the best one.  If I find the original WAV files, I will re-encode the original edits.

Some of you may ask "why do you keep the old ones up if the Final Edit is the best?"  My answer that is simply nostalgia, it's like asking "why does the History Channel show stuff made before I was born?"

My edits:
-Edit 1 - this was the first one I did, before there was a clean version.  Thus, everything is played backwards.
Edit 2 - this sounds more like the one on Channel 955 - same as edit 1, but I used some clips I recorded too.
Edit 3 - this is the edit I (used to be) most proud of, I took some of the stuff from the music video.
Edit 4 - this is a BETA edit, meaning that I am still in the process of perfecting it.  This uses the instrumental version, combined with the clean one.
-Final Edit - this is the finished one, that sounds professional.  Basically the same as Edit 4, but I used a better program.

All of these are MP3 files (128kpbs) - the Channel 955 one has some mild language still left in.

Watch the music video here!

Recent News:

Welcome 2 Detroit was the number one song on Channel 955's new year's eve countdown!  Click here to hear their interview with Trick-Trick, followed by the song.

NOTE:  I have muted all offensive words in the interview and the song, so when there is silence, that was done by me, NOT Channel 955.  Also, note that the MP3 file is 10.7 megabytes, so if you have dial-up, it may take a while to download.  I reccommend right-clicking on the file (Internet Explorer/Firefox only) and click "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" in Firefox), which will allow you to see the status of the download, rather than just seeing the little logo saying that a file is downloading.  Thanks for listening!
The cover to Welcome 2 Detroit CD single