IMPORTANT NOTICE!! This page is no longer being worked on! A newer Pokémon Center is in the works!  Because of a few sites closing, the majority of my links no longer work.  Rather than trying to fix them,   I am creating an entirely new page... so please bear with me!  If you have any suggestions feel free to email me, otherwise you can download what you can from this version... and hopefully my new Pokémon Center page will be done soon! Thanks.

The Pokémon Center has been updated to a newer layout.  If you liked it before changes, the old layout is available here.

This is my Pokémon Center.  You may sign my Guestbook and write about your Pokémon adventures.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Domain was taken off the web.  This was the hosting for many of the videos on this site since I only get 15MB of personal files.  (I only have about 4MB left.)  I will continue to look for these files elseware, but for now, just bear with me.  If you find these files somewhere else, or are able to upload them, then
contact me!

Here is the
Yahoo! Cache of this website when it was online.  What's a cache?

Note about the é in Pokémon:
If you are wondering how to make the "special e" character in Pokémon, the answer is here!  Make sure you have the NUM LOCK on, then press ALT and 0233 on the NUM PAD simutaneously.  I have recently been told that it can also be done by using ALT and 130.  Please use this technique whenever you use the word Pokémon, since it looks wrong any other way.

Does anyone have any cool information or videos about Pokémon?  You can post it on my guestbook, but I'd prefer if you
email me.

Also, while Pokémon music videos will still be displayed on this page, I have made a
Music Videos page that has other shows as well.  Visit it here.

And, like I said on my
homepage, do not hammer my Free Web Town server!  If the URL is something like[filename/extension], please right-click and "save as" to avoid eating up my bandwidth!
All these files are now on my dedicated private server... so while I don't encourage hotlinking, there shouldn't be any more bandwidth overages or other errors!

Cool MIDIs:
Japanese Pokémon Theme Song
Pokémon Battle Sequence (Red, Blue, and Yellow)

Theme Songs (And Others):
American Pokémon Theme (MP3)
Japanese Pokémon Theme (MP3)
Original PokéRAP (MP3)
PokéRAP GS (MP3)
From the Pokémon Theme Single CD (all MP3s):
Pokémon Theme
Pokémon Theme (Dance Mix)
Pokémon Theme (Karaoke Version)

NEW!  This Side of Paradise from Destiny Deoxys - a drfsupercenter exclusive!  (That means that you can only get it here)  Click here if you want it as a WMA file.

To download, right click and select
"Save Target As" or click to listen.

Cool Videos:
Original PokéRAP (RAM)
PokéRAP GS (Weird Version) (RAM)
The Birth of Mewtwo (unaired Japanese version) (WMV)
Pokémon Advance Generation Intro - Spanish
Opening Videos: (All openings are in English unless stated otherwise)
Windows Media (MPEG or WMV):
Get Windows Media Player here!

Pokémon Opening (English) - 3.81 MB
Orange Islands Opening - 3.85 MB
Johto Journeys Opening - 3.98 MB
Johto League Chapmions Opening - 3.01 MB
Master Quest Opening - 2.91 MB
Pokémon Advanced Opening - 2.85 MB
Pokémon Advanced Challenge Opening (New) - 1.29 MB
Advanced Battle Opening (New) - 4.29 MB
Japanese Pokémon Opening - 3.3 MB
RealPlayer (RM or RAM):
Get RealPlayer here!

Pokémon Opening (English) - 3.42 MB
Pokémon Opening (Japanese) - 2.59 MB
Orange Islands Opening - 3.37 MB
Johto Journeys Opening - 2.14 MB
Johto Leauge Champions Opening - 2.57 MB
Pokémon Master Quest Opening - 1.29 MB
Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! remixes are here!

Some of these music videos (from a site called Pixalgo) are currently unavaliable due to the closing of the Pokémon Domain.  They are available as ZIP files (from Pixalgo's site) but the easy downloads of the WMVs are currently unavaliable.  Also, the N/A means that (as far as I know) no video has been made in that format.

I finally found a host for my music video!!!  Thanks goes to the webmaster of
Team Rocket Video for hosting this, as I couldn't host it anywhere else.
Cool Stuff:

Weird Pokémon Dance (Ash, Misty, and Brock dancing with Team Rocket)
-Make your own Pokémon title screen!  Download Pokémon
Background, Logo, and Font.
The Japanese PokéRAP!  The song is the actual PokéRAP, but the video is just made-up.  If you can find the actual video for it, please contact me.
-What do the words in the above PokéRAP mean?  The
translated page here!
My Pokémon ROMs section!  ROMs are video games that can be downloaded and played on a PC.
The Pokémon 2000 Pokédex
Note:  Some files on this site are in ZIP format.  You will need either WinZip or WinRar to unzip them.
Files not working?  Check out Troubleshooting.
Name of music video:

Gilligan's Island Theme
Whip It
In The End
Smooth Criminal
Pokémon 2000 assembly (very cool)
One In a Million
Jock Jams
Falling Away From Me
Yu-Gi-Oh! mixed with Gotta Get Through This
Yu-Gi-Oh! mixed with I'll Stand By You
Yu-Gi-Oh! mixed with U Can't Touch This

My music video!!!  Bounce: Pokémon Remix
(WMV EHQ currently not available)

Psychic Lover - Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger - The Pocket Monsters remix (TSS Killer's music video)



Windows Media

Sorry, only ZIP currently
Sorry, only ZIP currently


Some funny Pokémon clips (RealMedia):
Imitation Team Rocket motto
Butch and Cassidy's motto
Team Rocket cheer for Pikachu
Team Rocket vs. Team Rocket
Instant noodle lottery
Jessie asks "What's a download?"
Jessie does the Team Rocket Motto without James
Team Rocket tries to do their motto while eating
Team Rocket pretends to be old and weak
Jessie wanting to "die laughing"
Team Rocket in the "Lovely Charming Network"
The writers can't even figure it out...
The backwards message in the episode "The Whistle Stop"
Team Rocket is afraid of Pikachu!
Team Rocket turns democratic!
Team Rocket is afraid of The Boss!
Team Rocket's motto from Pokémon 2000
Last updated: March 20, 2006
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