<BGSOUND SRC="World_of_Wonderment.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
Background Music - World of Wonderment from Commander Keen 4-6

Files not working?  Check out
Sound not work on Keens 4-6?
Download DOSBox! It's a great MS DOS emulator that will work with your current hardware, for any operating system!
Commander Keen:
Download KEEN Here! (Keens 1-6 and Keen Dreams) - From "The Commander Keen Site"
In order to "unzip" the games, you will need WinZIP or WinRAR.
Commander Keen cheats:
Reinier's Commander Keen Cheats (Note: Currently not available)
Note: The BAT does work on K6; A+2+Enter is required for K6.
"The Commander Keen Site" - A great new site I found.  It has keen downloads, the SGA font, and much more!

More great Commander Keen links
Chip's Challenge:
Download Chip's Challenge Here! (The Best of Entertainment Pack)
Note: You must unzip the files before you can play the games

Again, WinRAR or WINZIP
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